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Chateau du Pin was first built as a fortified chateau in the 12th century, probably on the remains of a Roman opium warehouse. The original chateau was destroyed during the Breton Wars in the 14th century. The central square tower with the wine cellar at its base dates from the original chateau. The main wing of the chateau was partially rebuilt in the 15th century; a chapel and other additions were constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1919, Gerard and Claudine (née Huffer) Gignoux acquired the chateau and raised their family there. Gerard created the extraordinary topiary gardens and oversaw Le Pin's farms and developed the award-winning vineyards. Claudine, a skilled landscape painter, produced the fine murals for the chateau inspired by the local countryside. After Claudine's untimely death in 1931, Gerard married Betty Perry in 1935 and returned to America shortly thereafter. After WWII, Gerard and Betty returned to Le Pin where they raised their second family and rehabilitated the chateau, gardens and farms.

Le Pin consists of approximately 300 acres of farmland, woodland with walking trails, vineyards, formal gardens, topiary, and a chapel. Le Pin is officially classified as a "Monument Historique" by the French government and the gardens have been designated as one of the "Des Jardins Remarquables " by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Today, the children and grandchildren jointly own the chateau.