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Chateau du Pin Wine

While the growing of grapes and the production of wine on this land probably began with the first settlement thousands of years ago, the modern production of wine at Le Pin began in the 1920's when Gerard Gignoux and his vigneron, Clément Suzineau, carefully selected the vineyards sites and choose the varietals from which Chateau du Pin wine is made.

The vineyard called "Plaisance" is where our red varietals are grown, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. The vineyard called "Coulee des Maréchaux" is the home of our white wine grapes, chenin blanc and sauvignon blanc. It has been awarded the designation of "Appellation contrôlé".

From the 1920's through the 1957, Clément Suzineau oversaw the care and creation of our wines including the North American importation of our white wine through the S.S. Pierce company. In 1957, with Mr. Suzineau's retirement, his assistant, René Colet, took over as vigneron and continued the great tradition of wine making at Le Pin until his retirement in 1989.

Today, the proprietors of Le Pin have contracted with Delauney Père et Fils in nearby Montjean to manage our vineyards, produce and market Chateau du Pin wine. Our award winning wines are available in local shops as well as the Delauney facility in Montjean. See the resident manager for more information and to set up a degustation at Delauney's facility.